Keep On Smoking….

Tahukah Anda bahwa tidak ada seorang pun di dunia ini yang tetap merokok hingga akhir hayatnya, dan tetap sehat ??? Setelah kita lihat efek rokok pada percobaan laboratorium, kini saatnya kita lihat foto hasil otopsi orang-orang yang “bertahan” dengan prinsip mereka untuk tetap merokok hingga akhir hayatnya…

Jaringan paru yang sehat :

Berikut ini foto dari otopsi paru para perokok yang telah “mendahului kita”. Perhatikan warna kehitaman yang khas pada perokok, dan bandingkan dengan post saya tentang efek rokok sebelum ini.

Hidup adalah sebuah pilihan…. Jadi, masih mau merokok ?

6 thoughts on “Keep On Smoking….

  1. Thanks for the info. The title and the start up image really worked for me. It scares me to death, since i am a one-pack a day smoker (at least). Whats your suggestion, should i cut out a bit or should i quit at once doc?

    Emily – UK

  2. Dear Emily Clarkson from UK.
    Quit smoking now greatly reduced yourself from further hazards. In my opinion, quit smoking by cutting off slowly never works for anyone. There are always some “things” that makes you increase your doses back to, or more than your initial smoking habit (such as emotional stresses, work pressure, etc).
    In the other hand, the strict “military style” quit now for good is the best way to give up from smoking. That includes throwing away the leftovers and getting away from your old-smokers community.
    Quit smoking is easy, it only takes guts to move on with your life.
    I can quit, so can you !

  3. Electronic cigarette is another potentially healthy way to quit smoking. Should be considered… just in case.

  4. Its not (yet) known for sure whether or not it is 100% safe; but indeed compared to conventional old-fashioned cigarette its much-much safer. It doesn’t contain harmful and poisonous materials from the combustion of regular cigarette such as tar and others. I had a chance once to examine one of the refill liquid (Pillbox 38 brand – no nicotine) and i found them harmless to human body.

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